The Boat

The Cape Race is a deep-sea steel trawler converted into an expedition vessel. Built in 1963 to fish year-round in the world’s toughest seas, it and two sister ships were the pride of the Canadian fishing fleet. The Cape Race can cross the Atlantic twice without refueling, and her reinforced hull safely navigates Arctic waters. She has a well-seasoned crew and the capability to undertake long-range endeavors in any ocean of the world.

About the Cape Race
Length: 110′
Beam: 25′
Draft: 12.5′
Fuel range: 7,000+ miles

  1. slide 1 UCI glaciologists aboard the Cape Race in August 2014 mapped for the first time remote Greenland fjord bottoms and melting glaciers that are helping to raise global sea levels.
  2. slide 2 Cape Race Capt. Kim Smith is a veteran mariner who adroitly steered the boat to calmer waters when 20-foot waves threatened to send the vessel and its inhabitants rolling from side to side.
  3. slide 3 The Cape Race from astern.