California's Climate Crisis and Solutions

With 840 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline on its western edge, the towering Sierra Nevada range in the east and Mexico on its southern border, California is a world unto itself. Within its boundaries lie arid deserts; alpine forests; highly productive farmlands and pastures; rivers, estuaries and beaches; and cities, towns and suburbs where tens of millions of citizens live. 

All of these places and people are impacted by the climate situation unfolding in the state, some feeling the effects more than others. Since its founding in 1965, UCI has been home to the world’s leading researchers on the Earth’s environment. The scientists, engineers, biologists, public health experts, legal thinkers, artists and educators who conduct research at the university have contributed to a strong foundation of knowledge about the transformation that’s occurring, and their efforts continue. 

This website – organized under headings “The Problem,” “Human Impact” and “Solutions” – tells the story of UCI’s all-encompassing, cross-disciplinary approach to climate change studies in the Golden State. Learn about UCI researchers’ work through articles, photography, videos, audio recordings and informational graphics. Share items of interest using the social media tools provided throughout the site. Together, we can strive to improve our understanding of the multifaceted dilemma California is facing, devise risk management strategies and build resiliency.

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